IT Outsourcing Benefits

Is your company seeking the services of a professional IT support company that will offer quality services at an affordable rate? Well, your search is over.

At Motech Solutions we have the skills, experience, expertise and diagnostic tools to troubleshoot your computer system problems to ensure optimal performance and help prevent any future problems.

Why Should You Make Us Your IT Experts?

At Motech solution we follow by the three Rs; reliable, relevant and reduced rates.

Reliable: Our reliability is measured by our fast problem solving abilities, our communicative skills and our responsible nature. We value our customers, and we recognise that having a properly functioning computer system is important for your company to operate at its best.

Your IT needs are our priority, and we are happy to work with your company’s IT department to formulate strategies that will help your company move towards a more fruitful future. Our helpdesk team takes on the responsibility of the resolution of all issues even if the problem is dependent on third party provider.

Relevant: Our actions are always relevant to safeguarding the functionality of your company’s computer system. We ensure that we possess the required technology, knowledge and skills to illuminate system support failures.

We provide 24/7 consistent maintenance to all company servers to ensure optimal performance by utilising our monitoring and management software; this involves controlling and arranging Microsoft security services packs and updates to all servers.

We ensure that we are right for the job before signing any contractual agreements by conducting a thorough network/sever analysis. Our actions are always relevant to providing your company with the IT support it requires. Once we have established a working relationship, your assigned service manager will consult with you on a daily basis to ensure the smooth operation of your computer system.

Have you considered using an outsourced IT support company?